June 8 Update

Brandon started feeling worse as the day went on yesterday. By evening, his blood pressure was spiking pretty high, and he had a headache that was unbearable. The doctors thought the headache was most likely because of the high blood pressure. The only explanation they could offer for that was perhaps the fluid retention in his body because he had still been on IV fluids to keep his kidneys “happy” until yesterday. He said he felt almost like he did the day following surgery as far as being in pain and uncomfortable, although this time the pain was a headache and a little nausea (possibly caused by the headache). He had to take stronger pain medication and sleeping pills just to get some rest last night, and he hasn’t had to take those in over a week. With the help of medication, he was able to sleep through the night and woke up with a lower blood pressure reading than he’d had all day yesterday and without the throbbing head pain. They came at 8:00 this morning to take him to have the dialysis catheter placed, then he came back to his room for a couple of hours before the actual dialysis session. He went for his first dialysis this afternoon. His blood pressure did go up again throughout the day today, and it spiked again after dialysis. We are hoping that a couple of dialysis sessions will take care of whatever is causing this. They are planning to do another session tomorrow and one again on Saturday. After that third session, he may be released from the hospital to continue outpatient dialysis next week. Our hope is that the sessions this week and next will be all he needs and that once the toxins have been cleared from his body, his own kidneys will kick in and start doing the job.

It’s definitely time for things to start going his way. He’s fighting the good fight!

8 thoughts on “June 8 Update

  1. Brandon, praying for you and hoping that the dialysis sessions are the start of a positive turnaround. Get some good sleep tonight. We all miss you!

  2. What a tough few days!

    Thinking and missing and praying for you, sweet Brandon!


  3. Hang in there! Aves is ready for you to take her outside at home? Keep remembering one day at a time. We’re all praying for you & for those darn kidneys to wake up. Miss you!!

  4. Hang in there buddy, things will turn around for you. You have a huge fan base praying for you and sending good thoughts your way to help you.

  5. Brandon, I am so sorry to see that things are not going as planned. I know from experience that is so very frustrating. Its almost harder to not know what is going on than to know and have a plan of action. Hopefully the dialysis will make improvements and you can go home. Home is where the heart is and you will most certainly get better both mentally and physically when you get out of the hospital. Praying for you and your sweet family.

  6. My thoughts are with the entire family! Brandon, I hope things get easier for you very, very soon!

  7. Continued prayers and positive thoughts for you and your family. You and your smile are truly missed.

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