June 7 – Not the day we hoped for

After being very hopeful yesterday that today was going to be the day Brandon’s kidney numbers took an even bigger downward turn, we were so frustrated and disappointed this morning when we found out they’d gone right back up. We lost all of our downward progress. That was so unexpected because even though the doctors hadn’t taken dialysis off the table, none of them thought the numbers would go back up after beginning to decline. The only explanation they could offer was perhaps it was just a lab variable in yesterday’s slightly lower reading. Adding to Brandon’s stress level and frustration was the fact that no one seemed to be able to give him a clear answer on the plan for today. They didn’t have him on the schedule for dialysis this morning, and we weren’t sure if that would happen today. It wasn’t until around noon that they finally came in and let him know that they had put in the orders to place the dialysis catheter tomorrow morning, so nothing further would be done today. It feels like we’ve lost another day. All in all, not a good day. Today has been a true test of Brandon’s resolve and patience. It’s hard for all of us to understand why things don’t seem to be going his way.

Tomorrow is a new day, and the current plan is to start dialysis tomorrow. But as we’ve learned, the plan is often not what actually happens.


9 thoughts on “June 7 – Not the day we hoped for

  1. We are still very hopeful. Tomorrow is another day. God works in his timing and not ours. Have patience. Sending love and prayers to Brandon and the family. ❤️ Aunt Sharyn and Uncle Michael

  2. We know there will be good days and bad days. I’m praying for more good days.

  3. Praying today is a better day! Sending happy thoughts & positive energy your way!

  4. Yes, what a frustrating day! Praying the dialysis will ‘kick start’ Brandon’s kidneys and get him on his way!

    Patience, kindness and knowing…..

    With hope and prayers, Lisa

  5. Truly a difficult day and disappointing news, however, another day for your body to heal and be in a better place to kick start your dialysis, thinking and praying for you and your family.

  6. Praying for all of You . I know Michelle Provin and Brandon use to work with my Mom at fit for life. Continued Prayers.

  7. I can only imagine how disappointed Brandon might be, but he is also the most positive person I know! Hopefully before long this will be a distant memory. I am praying that the dialysis takes all stress off his kidneys, so they can come back strong! God bless you all!

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