June 6 Update

We are hopeful that Brandon is turning the corner. His kidney numbers went down this morning! That being said, they are still high enough that the doctors won’t take dialysis off the table. But we are holding strong in our belief that this is the beginning of his recovery. The plan for tonight is to withhold food and water after midnight just in case, but they will wait to put him on the dialysis schedule for tomorrow until they look at the numbers again in the morning. She said the results of the scan they did yesterday confirmed it looks to be just what they thought it was, trauma from the chemo, and that should resolve itself. The trick is getting it to resolve itself before the lack of kidney function makes him sick. So tonight, like every night for the past couple of weeks, we are asking that you say an extra prayer, send an extra healing thought his way and just hold him up in spirit. The power is working!

4 thoughts on “June 6 Update

  1. Good news! Thinking about you guys every day, and especially after last night’s Royals win! ⚾️?

  2. Great news! Prayers will continue for Brandon, the family, and all of the caregivers! We are all pulling for you Brandon!!!

  3. We are part of the many who are praying everyday for Brandon. We truly hope that this is the turning point for his recovery. We are looking forward to his being released to go home very very soon. ❤️Aunt Sharyn and Uncle Michael

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