June 3 Update

Avery was riding in the car on Friday and (out of the blue) made prayer hands and said, “God, please make my daddy better. Amen.” God may never hear a sweeter or more sincere prayer. She loves her daddy.

Brandon continues to have bearable and unbearable days. He had a couple of pretty bad days this week. Then there are days when he’s able to draw on what little energy he has and get out of the house, which happened yesterday when he rode with Kristen to pick up Avery. They even stopped by Big Boy to get lunch, although “lunch” for Brandon is a bite or two of solid food when he feels up to it. We can’t wait for the day when he can eat a real meal again. It’s been way too long!

6 thoughts on “June 3 Update

  1. Avery is such a little angel! Thinking about all of you and sending prayers along with sweet little Avery!

  2. Praying right along with Avery – every day!
    lots of love from Colorado xoxo

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