May 29 Appointment Update

Brandon met with the GI oncology doctor this afternoon and talked at length about the treatment protocol they would normally use for someone with peritoneal mesothelioma not resectable by surgery versus what they can use for Brandon with his kidney situation. He won’t be able to tolerate the “normal” chemo protocol, if you can call it normal given the fact that only 150 people in the United States are afflicted with this disease each year. They did review Brandon’s molecular/genetic profiling results and determined that he doesn’t have the rare tumor types that can be specifically targeted with immunotherapy options available right now. There is one more test they want to run on his tumor tissue to determine if there is a type they didn’t originally test for that can be treated with targeted therapy. But the current plan is to get started with a chemotherapy regimen in hopes of shrinking the tumor that is causing him not to be able to eat and slow or stop other tumors from forming. He will have chemo once a week for two weeks, then he will have a week off. If this treatment protocol shrinks the tumor and/or stops progression, it’s an option for long-term treatment. The oncologist said he has patients who have controlled their tumors in this way for years, and the type of chemo he will be using is one that can be tolerated long term.

His oncologist is going to consult with the oncologist Brandon saw when he went to M. D. Anderson to see if he has any other ideas/options for treatment or if he has a clinical trial open now that Brandon could participate in. He will also continue to monitor new trials and immunotherapy options that may become available in the near future, so although chemo could be a long-term option, it’s not necessarily the only option and it doesn’t mean they won’t continue to explore other treatments.

His first chemo session is scheduled for next Wednesday. We will keep everyone posted.


7 thoughts on “May 29 Appointment Update

  1. Thank you for this update. I have been thinking about you and so happy to hear there are options available. We miss you but I want you to keep concentrating on yourself and your family because that is what is important. You are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

  2. I’m saying prayers that the tumors will shrink, shrink, shrink, and the side effects will be very few! I’m happy they are researching all the different options for Brandon. Brandon is missed, and thought of often, and yes, like Becky said, concentrating on yourself and family is the most important!!!

  3. Brandon make sure the chemo doesn’t mess up your hair especially since you just went to the beauty salon.

  4. Thank you for the updates. They are greatly appreciated. I check your page daily for updates, even when I know there may not be anything. It’s my way of checking in daily to say, “I’m here & I care & I love you & I’m not going anywhere no matter what.” I’m glad treatment options are being explored continuously & that all of the doctors are collaborating. I want you to be able to eat again & do even more mundane things like the barber & church. I hope you know that to some degree, I understand long term hospitalization & NG tubes & how some days getting dressed & taking a shower is all you have in you. And how a thirty minute trip outside the house & feeling the sun on your face is everything. I know we are sick in different ways & I am better than I have been, but I know that pain & that struggle. You aren’t alone

  5. Brandon this sounds promising to me with possibly more options in the future. We will be thinking good thoughts for you and your family.

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