June 17 Update

The good news is that Brandon did not have to go to the ER last night or this morning. He didn’t have the muscle cramps today that he had yesterday. Avery spent the night with us because Kristen worked today, so Brandon was home alone until late afternoon. We encouraged him to rest and let his body heal. We took Avery home early this evening, and he seemed to be feeling okay. Not as well as he felt Thursday, but not as bad as he felt yesterday. We hope this is a sign that his body is becoming more able to bounce back from the setbacks. Please say a prayer that he has a better day tomorrow and is able to enjoy his Father’s Day with Avery. We wish all of you a happy and healthy Father’s Day with your families!

4 thoughts on “June 17 Update

  1. Happy Father’s Day Brandon! Hope you have a nice, relaxing day with your girls. Stay strong. We’re all thinking of you and praying for you to feel lots better very soon!!?

  2. Happy Fathers Day, Brandon! Big prayers and well wishes for you are still ongoing! Hope your Fathers Day is wonderful! Thinking about you a lot!

  3. Thanks, once again for these updates. It is important for us to know about his recovery.
    We hope he is having a good Fathers Day.

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