June 16 Update

Brandon called this morning to schedule the appointment with his doctor on Monday, and they told him that his doctor had talked to the doctor at the dialysis clinic and the two had decided he should have dialysis again on Monday instead of just doing labs. Then this afternoon, he started having muscle cramps in his legs, arms, stomach, hands – pretty much throughout his body. He first thought maybe it was dehydration or overexertion, so he rested and drank water, waiting to see if it would improve. By the time he decided to call the doctor, she had left the office. The staff told him the only thing they could suggest was for him to go to the ER and have labs done. He decided to wait it out and see if he feels better after sleeping. If it gets unbearable during the night or doesn’t improve by morning, he will go to the ER. Unfortunately, it seems like each time Brandon turns a corner, he runs into a wall. We were so encouraged after the day he had yesterday. It’s hard to understand why he takes 10 steps forward and 20 steps back, but we will keep praying for better days!