June 3 Update

Today’s update is pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday’s update. Kidney numbers still going up, blood pressure still higher, doctors keep saying wait it out. We did see a different nephrologist today though who explained further that there really is no treatment for the kidney issues. He said they could do dialysis if the kidney function gets to the point where it is making Brandon sick, but that’s not a treatment. If they do dialysis and the numbers got down, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay down once they stop dialysis because that’s just an artificial way of forcing the kidneys to function. He said this kind of issue can take days to weeks to reverse itself. So I guess we now understand a little better why we have to play the waiting game and why they don’t just DO something. It doesn’t make it any less stressful, but it’s what we have to do at this point.

On a brighter note, Brandon and Avery got to spend a little time together today. She was so happy to see her Daddy, and there are no words to tell you how he felt about seeing her. We were able to get Brandon into a t-shirt and gym shorts and disconnect his IV long enough to walk on the sidewalk with her and buy her some ice cream in the hospital cafeteria (something she’s learned to love from her daddy). It was so much better for both of them than taking her into the hospital room to see him hooked up to machines and in a hospital gown.

Please hold good thoughts and prayers again tonight that he will turn the corner soon!

5 thoughts on “June 3 Update

  1. Just remember sweetheart that GOD has a plan and even tho we want things done now that it isn’t HIS way. In HIS time and not ours. Keep the faith Brandon HIS plan is wonderful.

  2. Thinking of you Brandon and praying for your Kidney issues to get better. Stay strong and positive.. brighter side is not too far!!

  3. B , you and your family are in my prayers, you fight and stay strong.
    You know you, me , Maureen and Brownwyn are the Bad News Crew at work , there is no crew with out you, so you get better and come back and represent!

    Sending Love,

    Shaunda Baker

  4. Happy Anniversary! My prayers are with you Brandon and your family. Miss seeing you around.

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