June 2 Update

Well, we are still in the holding pattern. Kidney numbers went up again this morning, so we continue to wait for them to level off and decline. Brandon’s blood pressure went up today as well, and they believe he may be retaining some fluid. They aren’t sure where the retention is because they haven’t seen any visible swelling. Please say an extra prayer tonight that these kidney issues work themselves out soon. It’s very difficult on Brandon to wait this out when he could/should be going home to his family. He’s still hooked to an IV because of the kidney issues, which means he has to call a nurse and be unhooked if he wants to walk farther than just taking laps around his floor. Those of you who know him well know that walking around the hospital and watching TV for hours on end aren’t his thing. We need to get him home so he can continue to recover from the surgery, regain his strength, and feel like himself again.


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  1. Thinking and praying extra hard for you Brandon and your loving family……XO

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