May 28 Update

Each day we see a little improvement. Brandon got more sleep last night, being in his own room. He was more alert and talkative this morning. He got up and walkedĀ laps around his unit multiple times today. He actually walked his final laps this evening without a walker! Still just having ice chips by mouth, but we’re hoping for more soon. Brandon is determined to do what it takes to recover and come home. We are so proud of him! He is definitely participating in his own recovery. After Facetiming with her daddy yesterday evening, Avery finally got to see him inĀ person today (although very briefly)! He still gets tired very quickly, and it was a huge step for him to have a visit from Avery! We know you all care about him and want to see him, and we’re hopeful that he will feel up to that sometime this week.

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