May 27 Update

Brandon said he had some good hours and some not so good hours today. But hearing him say he had good hours was encouraging! He looked much better today, and he was moving himself around in the bed more than he did yesterday. They got him out of bed to sit in the chair for a while, and he also took a short walk down the hall (with help). He’s still very tired, and he was in a little more pain today, but that’s understandable after being up and about. The doctors were all pleased with his progress, and they decided to move him out of the surgery ICU unit and into a room on the post-op floor. While we were sorry to leave the great team of caregivers he had in ICU, we are happy that he is doing well enough to do so after just two days. Hopefully, he will get better rest and get stronger over the next couple of days so he will be ready for visitors. He’s just not up to that yet, but we will definitely let everyone know when he’s ready. Our whole family appreciates your continued positive thoughts and prayers!

3 thoughts on “May 27 Update

  1. Thank you so very kindly for your update. You and your sweetheart Brandon are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Lisa

  2. Please let us know what hospital? Assuming it to be KU Med Ctr, but wondering for sure where he is. Is there any talk of what Day he might be released? We are glad things are a bit better. Sending Brandon our best wishes and ❤️ to all of you.
    Aunt Sharyn

  3. Thank you so much for your unselfishness by providing updates when possible. Brandon is so loved by his coworkers. All someone needs is 1 short conversation and its apparent what a very special man he is. Prayers will continue to be sent to Brandon and his beautiful family.. Thank you again

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