July 18 Update

We haven’t updated in a while because Brandon hasn’t had any “new” news in a while. He’s on a break from chemo until next week. He did see his oncologist last week and got a new medication to use during the week of chemo to counteract the side effects he’s been experiencing. They gave him an injection and some fluids that day, and it did seem to help give him some energy and improve his appetite. They also decided to decrease his chemo dosage and see if that helps.

Avery is enjoying spending some time with her daddy while he’s not feeling quite so sick. He’s been able to play with her a little more and get out and do things he hasn’t felt like doing in a while. Let’s hope the medication gives him the same kind of relief following his next chemo treatment.

7 thoughts on “July 18 Update

  1. Thanks for this update. We hope he can keep up the appetite and eat some really good food. Enjoy this week. ❤️

  2. Thank you for the update. So glad Brandon is getting out and playing with his daughter. Keeping the prayers going.

  3. Glad to hear Brandon can enjoy time with Avery. She offers her own kind of medicine 🙂

  4. Hey Brandon! We are doing a Mega Millions pot this week and never fear, you are in. But without you here none of know how much to plan on when we win! LOL!

  5. Hopefully the sunshine, ocean breeze and family time are just the right medicine to help now between the chemo schedules. thinking about you.

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