July 2 Update

Brandon seemed to get through this last chemo treatment a little better than the one before. He still ran a fever and felt nauseous, but the fever didn’t last as long or run as high. The nausea comes and goes. He is just totally zapped of energy though. The care team prescribed a medication that they thought might help him with that, but it hasn’t. He and Kristen made plans to see a movie and get a bite to eat on Saturday, but they had to cancel and stay home because he just couldn’t do it.

This is supposed to be his “off” week, no doctors appointments or chemo. But we think he will need to make an appointment for labwork to see if his hemoglobin is running low again. If so, another unit of blood may be in store for this week.

He is trying his best to eat and maintain, if not gain, weight. That isn’t really working out for him at the moment. He’s had days when he’s able to eat a couple of meals a day, plus a few snacks, but the symptoms interrupt him when he’s trying to string several days of good eating together.

We are praying for his energy levels to rise and his appetite to increase, as well as the nausea to stay away.

3 thoughts on “July 2 Update

  1. Love you Brandon! This will all get better soon! You are still #1 on my prayer list. Hang in there work brother ♥

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