June 8 – Chemo Day

It looks like Brandon is actually going to have his chemo treatment today. We came in at 7:00 am for labs, and his chemo appointment was at 8:00. By the time they got the lab results and called him back, it was almost 8:30. They give him an anti-nausea medication 30 minutes beforehand (which they did around 8:45), so the chemo should be starting soon. It only takes 30 minutes to run once they start it. We were expecting that part to take much longer.

Again, please say a prayer that all goes well and he doesn’t experience any harsh side effects so we can start moving in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “June 8 – Chemo Day

  1. Prayers for you today, Brando. Love and hugs to you today. You can do this.

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