June 6 – Chemo Day

Today is Brandon’s first chemo session. He’s understandably nervous, yet hopeful it will provide some relief from the symptoms he’s been living with for about 3 months now. He could use prayers that he tolerates the medication without harsh side effects or complications.

We are hoping and praying this will turn things around for Brandon. He could sure use a break!

6 thoughts on “June 6 – Chemo Day

  1. Prayers for your body’s acceptance and response to give relief without harsh side effects!!! Strength Brandon to you!

  2. Prayers Brandon! I’m sending my strength vibes to you as well! Watch out tumors, you’re going to be eradicated!

  3. Good luck Brandon! We’re all thinking of you and hoping for some better days ahead!

  4. Positive thoughts for that chemo to do it’s work ! Hang in there, week 1 in the starting blocks.

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