May 21 Update

Brandon was able to get out of the house and go to church yesterday. It took every ounce of energy he had, but he did it. Since coming home from the hospital, he is pushing himself to spend more time sitting up and making an effort to get up and move around the house more. It’s not easy for him, and he’s a long way from feeling good, but he’s not giving in.

7 thoughts on “May 21 Update

  1. Keep fighting! We’re all here praying and pulling for you:) I miss my work buddy and his shenanigans. No one to throw things at me! I am enjoying use of the Ryobi, though! LOL

  2. You’re so strong, Brandon, physically & mentally. You get up & keep going when it’s the last thing in this world you want to do some days.

  3. Sending prayers and good vibes for you and your family. I love you my #1 grandson. Keep the faith sweetheart. You have an army standing with you.

  4. Thinking about you Brandon…. Just saying hi! Praying for you and your family.

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