May 15 Update

If you’d asked last week, we would have told you that we weren’t expecting today to be one of the best days. But we expected Brandon to be recovering from an intensive, major surgery. And we expected to see improvement in the coming days and weeks. What we didn’t expect was to be facing a whole new battle in this war. Brandon didn’t have the best of days today. He’s in pain from the surgery. And he’s mentally exhausted from every hurdle that keeps coming his way.

We are still looking into our treatment options. What we do know is that the we need to have a treatment plan in place that can begin in two weeks, even if that plan changes course down the road.

So many of you have reached out to offer help in so many ways, and we truly appreciate it. Brandon does still check in and reads every comment. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

5 thoughts on “May 15 Update

  1. I am thinking of you and praying for you and your family. Take it one day at a time, one foot in front of the other. Love and prayers, Becky

  2. You are in our prayers. I’m in your mother’s Sunday school class and try to keep track of your progress in fighting this cancer. I know how hard this problem is as my first husband had mesothelioma around his lungs. We pray God;s blessing on you and help for your doctors to know what to do to get things going in a better direction. Praying for you, DeLois and Bill Watkins.

  3. Much love to the whole family! Steal a little rest when you can, and let us know what you need. Prayers are a sent every day!!! Brandon, we are thinking of you, and if we could send strength over distance, it would all be for you!

  4. Brandon & Family,

    You are all in my thoughts & prayers daily! I know the struggle Brandon has ahead & pray that the doctors will get you the treatment plan necessary to get Brandon healthy & back home.

    God Bless You All,

  5. You and your family are truly in my prayers Brandon, you are missed and truly loved.

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