May 14 – Surgery Update

The patient care liaison just came by to let us know the actual surgery got underway around 2:05. He went back between 12-12:30 but the first hour or so involves anesthesia and hooking him up to the monitors and machines. Will post another update when we know more. Keep the prayers coming!

9 thoughts on “May 14 – Surgery Update

  1. I’m so glad Brandon is finally in surgery!! I know it’s been a long, hard wait for this day & I feel strongly that this is needed for him to make progress in the right direction. Thinking of him & the family throughout the surgery.

  2. We are thinking of you all right now. Prayers and healing thoughts, and Vickie’s right, many people here at work checking in.

  3. Oh Brandon and family, we feel your pain today. Prayers for a miracle and good things. You are a very strong family and lucky to have each other.

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