May 12 Update

Brandon seems to be feeling a little better than when he came to the hospital on Thursday night, despite all he’s going through. We did start the day with not-so-good news though. His kidney numbers increased again, and his hemoglobin went down. Both of those are moving in the wrong direction. The medical team decided to increase his fluid intake and give albumin through his IV to help the kidneys. The nephrologist came this afternoon and confirmed the elevated creatinine (kidney number) is related to dehydration, which seems to be positive news if that’s the case because it means we don’t have yet another issue developing.

We don’t know what time the surgery will take place on Monday, but he is still on the operating room list, so say a prayer that all of the fluids they are pumping into him take effect and turn the kidney numbers back in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “May 12 Update

  1. Praying that you feel the love and support needed to be strong and courageous to get through this and move toward healing. And tell them your kidneys might not be dehydrated if they’d offer you a stiff drink-ha!!

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