May 8 Update

Things just don’t seem to go smoothly for Brandon. His oncology nurse called today to tell him that his hemoglobin is very low again, and he will need two more pints of blood by transfusion to see if that boosts his count before he can have the planned surgery. He will go tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. for the transfusion, which will take about five hours. In Brandon’s words, “This is just so exhausting.”

He could use an extra prayer right now for sure. Thanks for continuing to check in on him. We all appreciate each and every one of you.

5 thoughts on “May 8 Update

  1. You should be almost done or done with the transfusion about now. I’m thinking of you & hoping it went as well as could be hoped for. I’m so sorry that you keep getting hit with one thing after another.

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