April 26 Update

Brandon had the follow-up appointment with his surgical oncologist yesterday afternoon, and he is scheduled for repeat CRS/HIPEC surgery on May 11. This is the same surgery he had last May, which includes removing all visible disease and then flushing heated chemo through his abdominal cavity. It’s a long and difficult procedure that he is not looking forward to, but he knows it needs to happen in order to change the course of his battle. He will remain on the intravenous nutrition at home for the next couple of weeks until the surgery date. He has no appetite, and it’s too uncomfortable for him to try to eat and digest food.

We did learn that what we thought was an intestinal blockage caused by scar tissue is most likely a tumor or nodule growing and pressing against that part of his intestine, making his intestine unable to function as it should. So there won’t be an additional intestinal blockage surgical procedure. That doesn’t make is any less intensive or difficult, just changes what we call it.

The surgeon chose the May 11 date because it was the first date when he has no other surgeries scheduled. He said he wanted to keep the entire day open for Brandon’s procedure. It seems like a long way off, but at least we have a plan and a date. That takes the stress of the unknown away and replaces it with the stress of knowing what lies ahead.

Please keep Brandon in your prayers. The cards, messages and texts from his friends and loved ones help him get through the days.

4 thoughts on “April 26 Update

  1. Brandon, I will keep continuing the prayers for you to get stronger and stronger. If you get lonesome and would like company let me know! I will come visit you.

  2. Hey B-ran! I am always praying for you and keeping positive thoughts. I know you have many difficult days so hang in there and keep the faith. We miss you here at Teva….I mean AssistRx now lol and I pray that your upcoming surgery is successful and your recovery is speedy. Love you man!

  3. We are all pulling for a successful surgery and some relief from these tough times you’ve had! You are missed at work!

  4. Hi Brandon!!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers and I wanted to send you some positive energy. I believe this surgery will be successful and you are in my thoughts daily.

    Miss seeing you at work homie

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