February 28 Update

Brandon got the results of his PET scan this morning, and it wasn’t what we were hoping to hear. The surgical oncologist said he did see some metabolic activity in the peritoneal membrane that looked to be thickening. He can’t be positive that it is a recurrence of the cancer, but he can’t be positive that it’s not. He is placing a call to the oncologist Brandon saw in New York to get his opinion on what the next steps should be. He said the doctor in New York has more experience with treatment protocols for peritoneal mesothelioma, and he wants to discuss it with him before making any further plans. He’s placing the call and sending a copy of the PET scan today, and he hopes they can confer by Friday. If treatment is recommended, we don’t know if that will be in Kansas City or in New York. He will call Brandon as soon as they decide where we go from here.

Please continue sending your prayers!

10 thoughts on “February 28 Update

  1. We are truly hoping it is going to be alright. We continue to send prayers and watch for updates. ❤️??

  2. I know I haven’t said anything in awhile but I’m here, reading, thinking of you, sending all my support as always. I’m eager for feedback/updates from your NY doctor

  3. Brando – Sending Daily Prayers ????????
    Lots of Love~Positive Thoughts and Good Vibes
    Stay Strong !

  4. ❤ Prayers for Brandon and Kristen. ❤ Please keep us posted. May Our Lord arm you with courage and the strength to never give up hope. Meanwhile, my prayers continue. Blessings to you, Carla ❤

  5. Prayers for all of you and continued hope that everything will turn out okay….

  6. Hey now , Dab on em ! you got this B! cant nothing hold you down your are so strong I’m praying for you !

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