November 30 Update

Brandon finally had a decent day on Tuesday. He was up and moving around the house quite a bit during the day, and he even ran a short errand on his own. He did wear down by late afternoon, but it was good to see him engaging in some sort of normalcy (the new normal, not the old one).

Kristen’s grandfather passed away early this week, and the funeral was yesterday. Brandon felt up to going to the service and to the family reception afterwards, so he spent a big part of the day out of the house. Although it was under sad circumstances, he took another step toward being himself again.

That’s the mission right now – to be himself again. He never got a call from the pain management team, but he said this morning that he’s going to hold off on calling them. The pain is beginning to subside to a point where it’s tolerable. It’s still a nuisance, but it’s not debilitating. He has a long road ahead, but he’s moving forward.

Thanks for checking in on him, and keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming!

4 thoughts on “November 30 Update

  1. This is great news! So happy that the pain is at least manageable! Go Brandon, Go! Prayers are still being said until all pain goes away!

  2. So sorry for Kristen’s loss. Prayers for her and her family as well as continued thoughts and prayers for you. You got this Brandon.

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