November 22 Update

Brandon saw both the plastic surgeon and the oncology surgeon this morning. The plastic surgeon removed the drain and said he was pleased with how well Brandon was getting around. Although Brandon is still in pain and doesn’t feel like he’s getting around too well, the doctor told him others who have the same surgery don’t always move as well as he does at this point.

The oncology surgeon was happy with how everything looks and with how Brandon seems to be up and moving as much as possible. He and Brandon talked about the pain, and he suggested trying a lidoderm patch to see if that provides some relief. He said that in placing the drain, they punch through a muscle in the abdomen and sometimes that can cause irritation to the muscle. The patch may help if the irritation isn’t too deep. The only concern the doctor had about the patch was whether or not it would be covered by insurance. He said it could be quite costly if not covered. If the patch is cost preventative, or if it doesn’t help, he will send Brandon to a pain specialist to do some injections for a while until the pain begins to subside on its own. Both surgeons agreed that it’s temporary but still not good if it’s affecting his quality of life.

Brandon’s kidney function numbers did inch up in the wrong direction, but they are still down from a month ago. We were hoping for a good downward trend, but we seem to be getting an up and down pattern for now. Let’s pray that turns back in the right direction.

We are thankful for the positive reports from the doctors today and thankful that Brandon continues to fight this. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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  1. Thinking of you today Brandon, and hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Miss you at work, but miss also your wonderful sense of humor!

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