October 4 Update

Brandon had an MRI yesterday and a CT scan today, and the oncology surgeon said they found a few recurrent tumors at his port sites. The surgeon said he could remove them, but he would prefer Brandon go to Columbia University in New York to have the CRS/HIPEC surgery done again. He said they would leave the abdominal port in place there and run chemo through it periodically, rather than just one time, and he said they are Brandon’s best option as far as experience dealing with the recurrence. He also said they have procedures to try to protect his kidneys from further damage.  He is going to contact them and make the referral to get everything set up, and Brandon should hear back from him this week as far as timing goes. Obviously, he wants it done soon. Stay tuned, and please keep praying!

3 thoughts on “October 4 Update

  1. Continuing to pray for you, Brando. Staying optimistic and sending much love and support your way <3

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