August 1 Update

Brandon had a good meeting with the peritoneal mesothelioma oncologist at MD Anderson today. We were concerned about the contrast scans they had scheduled because the contrast dye could further harm his kidneys. This doctor was very aware of the potential of that happening and actually decided not to do the scans today. He said he wanted to get a more detailed surgical report from the oncology surgeon in Kansas City, but his current understanding from the records he reviewed is that all evidence of disease was removed during the CRS/HIPEC surgery. If that’s the case, there is a very low probability¬†of any recurrence so soon after the surgery, and the risk of the contrast dye harming his kidneys outweighs the benefit of having the scan. He also said there is no benefit in follow-up systemic chemo if there was a complete removal of all disease, followed by the HIPEC. This made us feel better that Brandon wasn’t missing out on necessary treatment just because of the kidney issues.

So at this point, he is waiting for the detailed surgical report to confirm what he discussed with us today. If that holds true, he wants to see Brandon again for follow-up scans in November. If he hears anything to the contrary, he will change the course of action. Brandon is feeling better, and we’re confident that the November follow-up will be the plan. This gives his kidneys a little more than 3 more months to continue on the path to recovery.

Teva friends, you’ll be seeing him next week!

5 thoughts on “August 1 Update

  1. This sounds so positive for him. We will be thinking of him and watching for any updates on his November follow up. Thank for keeping us informed. Love and prayers to All.

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