July 27 Update

We didn’t get the results of Brandon’s labs until this morning. He was a little disappointed because the numbers were only slightly better than they were two weeks ago. He was hoping for a bigger improvement. Two weeks ago, his creatinine had dropped by a full point in only 10 days, and this time the drop was much smaller after 14 days. Still, he’s going in the right direction. It’s just taking more time than any of us hoped it would.

We leave next week for MD Anderson to find out what further treatment options there might, considering his kidney issues. Please keep Brandon in your thoughts and prayers, and we will share the news from Houston!

5 thoughts on “July 27 Update

  1. We all think of you every day and send healing thoughts your way! Even small progress is still progress. Stay strong.

  2. Brandon, keeping you in my prayers and hoping for a big turnaround for your numbers! We miss you!

  3. I’m happy for you to be going to your appointment & hopefully getting a game plan for moving forward!

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