July 12 Update

Good news today! Brandon’s kidney numbers moved in the right direction again. Still not where he needs to be, but this gives us confidence that they will continue to improve. At his last appointment with the nephrologist, she told us that it was possible that he had leveled off and would remain where he was. If that had been the case, she would have done a kidney biopsy at his next appointment the week of July 24. Now the plan is to  just do lab work again that week. If he continues to improve, he will have some time off from the nephrologist and follow up with her in a couple of months.

We could tell Brandon seemed to be feeling better, so we had a good feeling that today’s results would be better. We used to wait until bedtime to do the updates because we couldn’t be sure how he would feel from one hour to the next. He still has his episodes of not feeling well, but they are fewer and less frequent. His main issue now is fatigue, and we believe it will just take a while to rebuild his endurance.

We probably won’t post updates as frequently over the next couple of weeks because there’s not as much change from day to day. Feel free to keep checking in with your comments though, as Brandon reads each and every one. And please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming, as he draws strength from those. We will post if anything new comes up, and we will definitely let everyone know when the next kidney results come in. After that, we head to MD Anderson, and we’re sure to have lots of news to share from there!

16 thoughts on “July 12 Update

  1. That is wonderful news, and so happy for the progress in the right direction! Brandon, keeping you and your family in my prayers! Hope you keep having have more, better days ahead,

  2. “Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand.” -Thomas Aquinas
    So happy to hear your positive news, praying for you daily

  3. Great news!! Thanks for all the updates~ Keeping Brando and family in my prayers!!
    Fight on Brando ?!! ♥️

  4. FANTASTIC new!! You’re in my thoughts and prayers daily, Brandon!
    Love you!

  5. This is an awesome update! Sometimes no news is the best news of all. Brandon, we miss you so much at work. I’m glad you’re doing better overall.

  6. Such good news. Keep up the good job Brandon. Keeping you in my daily prayers.

  7. Fantastic news.. keep fighting it strongly Brandon. Prayers for you and your loving family.

  8. Brandon, hope all is going well with you! Still thinking about you and praying for you!

  9. Hey Brandon! Continued Prayers & Well Wishes for a Speedy Recovery & BTW DUDE, what the heck happened to your Royals last night… SMH ha ha 🙂
    I hope you all have a very blessed day!

  10. Brandon, I am glad to hear things keep going in the right direction. Keeping you in my Prayers. Keep fighting the good fight like I know you can.

  11. Boy do I miss your face around here! So glad to hear your kidneys are getting a little better each day. You’ll get back to your old self, I just know it. It will just take time. Take all the time you need and enjoy all this time with your family. xoxo Love and hugs and you are in my daily prayers!!! xoxo

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