July 5 Update

Brandon got a call from his medical oncologist today saying that she had put in a referral to MD Anderson and he would be hearing from them soon to schedule an initial visit. They did call this afternoon and said they’d requested medical records from his surgical oncologist and would call back to schedule once they’d received those. So things are moving forward on that front.

Brandon said he felt okay today, and he spent the day with Kristen and Avery. It seemed like a pretty average day, which is a good thing. He still has shortness of breath and fatigue, but we are hoping he starts improving with each passing day!

3 thoughts on “July 5 Update

  1. Thank you for the updates on Brandon.

    My thoughts and prayers and positive energy go out to you and yours.

    Missing you Brandon,


  2. Hey “B”
    just letting you know you are not forgotten you’re very much missed around here…. my positive prayers and thoughts for you and your family are with you all…. from one Whetsel warrior to another.

  3. Brandon we miss you over here… we are holding down the fort sending you lots of healing thoughts.

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