July 3 Update

The good news today is that Brandon got his dialysis catheter removed! His lab results were almost identical to the results from last Thursday, which was a little disappointing. We were all hoping for and expecting improvement, as was Brandon’s doctor. But stable was good enough to get the catheter removed, so that’s what we’ll celebrate today. The doctor wants to continue to do labs weekly because his values are under the dialysis threshold but still well above normal. Our hope is that he will continue to move in the right direction. The doctor said there is a possibility that he’s leveled off and this will become his new normal. If he does remain stable (rather than improving) over the next couple of weeks, they will do a kidney biopsy just to make sure there’s nothing else going on that they’ve missed.

So let’s celebrate the healing that has taken place to get him off dialysis and pray for complete healing from the kidney failure.

3 thoughts on “July 3 Update

  1. ? Enjoy your holiday! Eat good food and give your body a chance to heal. So glad things are improving, even slowly.

  2. Woo Hoo! Amazing news!! Positive Energy & Prayers for continued healing! 🙂

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