June 12 Update

Brandon went to see the nephrologist this morning and had lab work done, but he didn’t have dialysis. The doctors are still trying to work it out with the insurance company so they can schedule the outpatient dialysis, which sounds like it will now start on Wednesday. He was a little disappointed, and he ended up feeling worse physically as the day went on as well. Not much more to say about this day other than it was not a good one. We are hoping for a better day tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “June 12 Update

  1. Your letter was so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Hang in there. You are always in my prayers. Just know you truly are a great person.

  2. You got this! Beat it as you already have gotten home which is a milestone. Let the pain fly out the window and breath deep the love we are sending. Your daughter is quite a dancer and happy! Good Job.

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