May 31 Update

Today wasn’t as good as yesterday was for Brandon. Being in the hospital isn’t conducive to good sleep, and last night was one of those nights where he couldn’t get enough hours of continuous sleep. The morning started out equally frustrating. The halls were crowded with delivery carts, medical equipment and other patients walking when he tried to take his walks, which made it hard to maneuver the IV stand he has to walk with. He tried to nap early in the day and was interrupted by medical staff five times in one hour. Every time he dozed off, someone else would come in. It’s hard to imagine the disappointment he felt when he felt worse physically today than he did yesterday. We are hoping he gets some good sleep tonight and rebounds.

There were a couple of bright spots in the day though. He was transitioned to a “real food” diet. He can order anything he wants from the hospital menu now. And Kristen took him for a walk to the lobby so he could step outside and breath the fresh air for a minute. It’s been almost a week since he’s been able to do that.

His kidney values are still going up, but the increase today wasn’t as much as the increases of the last two days, so we hope that means they will level off and then go back down soon. That’s what the nephrologist is expecting.

Please hold good thoughts that tomorrow will be a better day! We appreciate all of you continuing to check in on Brandon. He does read your comments and is very moved that so many care so much about him!


9 thoughts on “May 31 Update

  1. Brandon, I think of you every day, and am keeping you in my prayers for continued good progress. It sounds like you are well on your way to completing your first “Hospital-Hall Half-Marathon”!

    I hope last night was a a better night for sleeping. We miss your smiling face. Go Royals!

  2. One day at a time, keep fighting.
    Hopefully you get some rest.

  3. Brando,
    I miss your smiling face & your jokes! It’s too quiet without you. You are so strong & I’m so glad you’re walking as much as you are. I know it is frustrating, man that hospital is crowded! Just know that with every step you take, you’re getting better and stronger! Hang in there and fight the good fight!
    Love you?
    Go Royals!?⚾️?

  4. Thank you for the updates! Hope you had a better night. Praying for you and your family everyday!

  5. This page was now shared with Joe and I and we are thankful to view your daily PROGRESS!
    You are a fighter with a beautiful soul who is enduring a life event that will make you stronger still. Our prayers to you and think of you often. Get well buddy and we shall visit through the night once again while deck sitting. I love seeing the photos of your family as well. God Bless.

  6. Hang in there! Those sleep interruptions are the worst! I would get so frustrated with that, when I was staying in the hospital with my mom.
    Don’t let the tiny set backs get to you! They will happen! Glad you got to get some fresh air. Keep up the awesome recovery! Talk to ya soon!

  7. The hospital is the worst place to get rest! And it’s hard to fight AND rest! Hopefully, you got more rest last night and today. We are keeping up the good thoughts, good vibes, mojo, and most importantly the thing that works the most…prayers! We miss you and your quick wit!

  8. Thank goodness days come in 24 hour increments and even though some seem endless, they do come to an end! Before you know it, you will have racked up a bunch of days in a row and even with set backs you will have overall progress!! Someone a whole lot smarter than me once pointed out: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” (Albert Einstein 🙂
    xoxo Robin

  9. Hey B,
    sounds like you’re fighting the good fight you are stronger than you think, I’m
    praying you get more rest and more walking time,you have a awesome family + friends
    fighting along with you!

    May God continue to Bless you!

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