Friends are angels in disguise.

Here we are, just over 24 hours before the scheduled surgery. We still don’t know if insurance will pay for the surgery. We are in the middle of our second appeal and expect to get the decision on that tomorrow. At this point, it’s all or nothing. They will either pay for the entire procedure or none of it. Brandon’s cancer is so rare that (to quote the insurance company) there is no clear standard of care or general consensus as to the optimal treatment for malignant peritoneal mesothelioma. As we said before, we are fighting this with everything we have. Brandon will have this surgery, with or without insurance. And we’re not alone in Brandon’s fight. We have been overwhelmed with the support we’ve received over the past few days. One of Brandon’s co-workers, a true angel, took the initiative to start a GoFundMe page for his benefit. Many of you have already seen it. It is amazing to us, as Brandon’s parents, to see how he has touched someone else in such a way that she felt compelled to do this for him. There are no words to express how thankful we are to her and to each and every one of you who have donated to help Brandon. Seeing how many friends care so much about him lifts his spirits and boosts his confidence that he will win this fight. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

You can cut and paste the following into your browser’s address bar (it won’t work if you paste it into a google search bar) if you’d like to visit the GoFundMe page:

“No matter how sure you are that a friend will be there for you, it’s the greatest feeling when the time comes and they are.”


3 thoughts on “Friends are angels in disguise.

  1. Praying for Brandon, his sweet Family, the Dr’s & Nurses who will be taking care of him. God hears our prayers and knows our every need.
    Sending big hugs from JOMO!!!!!!
    Please keep us posted.

  2. Brandon – You could have just asked me to take back those unsubscribes! 🙂 I can’t even imagine what you and your loved ones are going through right now. I am hopeful this is just a low point in your life because I’m sure you will have many high points to look forward to once you beat this. Stay hopeful, be humble – you’ve got this!

  3. We are all pulling for you! Hurry up and get well so Derek doesn’t get fat eating all the candy! I miss you already & will have your cube all blinged out upon your return. Hang in there, you got this. Love you guys❤️

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